The Blueberry Cake That Saved Wednesday

photo (34)

I’ve just finished the last of the blueberry cake for breakfast. This is one of those cakes that is good any time of day (though, let’s be honest– what cake isn’t?). This cake made me want to buy a glass cake dome, so as to both display the cake, and keep it fresh while I eat it….continuously throughout the day. Continue reading

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Daily Bread

olive bread

Or maybe I should call it un-Daily Bread. Because I don’t eat bread everyday. In part because I love bread so much (who doesn’t), and also being that I have no willpower/portion control mechanism, and just a little because eating too much bread doesn’t make me feel great. Continue reading

…little tragedies

lost tomatoes

Gardening is ups and downs. Successes and failures, experiments and disasters and bugs. Overwhelmingly, I have great luck with seeds. I call it luck, because I have yet to really do much other than throw the little buggers in the dirt, water and occasionally shuttle them in and out of doors, should the temperature dip below 50 F.

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scones 1

Biscuits, scones, they’re all the same to me. Flour, butter, wet, dry, customize as needed.

What I like most about them, besides shoving them in my face, is working the butter into the flour with my fingers. There’s nothing so soft as flour, and the butter is the perfect medium to bring out the lightness of highly milled grains…?? Continue reading


Spring Gardening

spring gardenAfter much success growing last year’s summer crops from seeds, my gardening enthusiasm fell a bit dormant over the winter. Spring is here, however, and (appropriately) I’m refreshed and ready to start again! Continue reading

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Marrakech-Inspired Granola

granola (5)A couple of years ago I was gifted a copy of Jamie Oliver’s Food Escapes– a boxed DVD set of six, beautifully filmed, visually delicious 45-minute episodes. In each, Oliver explores a different city, from Venice to Athens, to Stockholm. Continue reading


Waffles and the Grand Ambition

Blueberry waffles (4)Almost all my recipes start as perfectly prepared illusions– crispy, evenly browned and seasoned just right. Like this waffle recipe. I thought the crumby texture and crisp streusel topping of a blueberry muffin would transition effortlessly well into a waffle, and in theory perhaps it does. Continue reading